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Free Shipping V145 JLR Mangoose SDD Diagnostic Cable for Jaguar/Land Rover Support till 2014 Cars

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Product Description

  1. JLR mangoose for Jaguar and Land Rover with OEM level diagnostic & module programming.
  2. Software Version: V145
Latest JLR SDD Mangoose Diagnostic Cable for Jaguar and Land Rover
Top 5 reasons to get V145 JLR Mangoose SDD Diagnostic Cable
1. JLR Mangoose is a low-cost, high-performance vehicle network interface that connects a laptop directly to the Bus Network via the OBD-II connector.

2. Newly update function: Support 2013 Smart key programming

3. The Mangoose JLR includes a J2534 driver and delivers full-speed (12mps) USB 2.0 performance. This version is compatible with late model J2534 compliant Jaguar & Land Rover models.

4. Support car year :2005-2014.

5. CareUCar DA-VINA 2534 J2534 Pass-Thru Interface also comes with V139 Software, which is easier to install. Customers who can't install V142 version sucecessfully can install V139 instead.

Kindly note:

1.Versions after V137 doesn't support offline programming,it's allowed to enable the Internet.

2.Newly update function: Support 2013 Smart key programming

3.Supports part of 2014 Jaguar and Land Rover cars

4.Language: Germany, Russian, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, English, Simplified Chinese.

5.V142 Software Download Click here

6.JLR Mangoose SDD V142 Installation Video

Diagnostics with the Mangoose JLR for Jaguar & Land Rover
The Mangoose JLR is a USB pass-thru device that utilizes the SAE J2534-1 API. What this means is that the Mangoose JLR uses a standard communication interface to the vehicle, allowing it to work with 3rd party diagnostic applications. Different diagnostics and data logging applications supported are currently supported by the Mangoose, with more being added all of the time.
NEW! Jaguar / Land Rover are now supported for dealer level diagnostics & module programming using their software (available here) and the Mangoose JLR. 
Mangoose JLR SDD for Jaguar & Land Rover Key Features
1. J2534 and J2534-1 compliant device driver
2. Commercial Range (0 to +70℃)
3. Dimensions: 3" x 1.75" +
4. Operating Voltage: Bus-powered by USB
5. Host Interface: Full-speed 12 mbps USB 2.0 with J2534 device driver
6. Lost cost, high performance pass-thru diagnostic tool for use with PC
7. USB Diagnostics tool for CAN and 2005 onwards, Land Rover 2005 onwards
9. Bus Protocols supported by the Mangoose JLR for Jaguar & Land Rover
10. CAN Bus (details published soon)
JLR Mangoose SDD Diagnostic Cable Board:
JLR Mangoose SDD V142 PC Board
Package including:
1. Mangoose JLR vehicle interface for Jaguar & Land Rover
2. Installation CD with device driver (J2534 compatible)

Q: Which year Jaguar car can this cable do
A: This JLR MAGNOOSE can only do Jaguar car after 2005 year, can not do before 2005.

Comparation between JLR Mangoose Serial:
Item Number SP116 SP205 SP205-B
Color Blue Blue Blue
Supported Vehicles Jaguar and Land Rover 2005-2014 Land Rover and Jaguar from year 2005 to 2014 Land Rover and Jaguar from year 2005 to 2014
Languages English, German, Russian, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian and Simplified Chinese English(United States), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Dutch and Simplified Chinese English(United States), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Dutch and Simplified Chines
Software Version JLR SDD V145 JLR SDD V145 JLR SDD V145
Update Via CD Via CD Via CD
PC OS Requirement Win7 and Windows XP Win XP/Win 7/Win 8( Not all WIN 7/WIN 8 system can install JLR SDD V145) Win 7

1.Disconnect with internet when you use it
2. JLR SDD Software version after V137 do not support offline coding, but can support online coding


JLR mangoose SDD V157 software installation guide-eobdshop

JLR Mangoose SDD V154 software on Windows 7 installtion

Tech support

New software of JLR Mongoose for Jaguar and Land Rover of you.
1.Here is the link for you to download the software of JLR Mongoose for Jaguar and Land Rover


2.How to Fix JLR Mongoose Software Login Issue?

Please the method below: 
First download this file below?:
Unzip the file when fish downloading.
Right click JLR SDD software, select "Property" and then click "Find Target". The SDD software document will then pop up.
Copy the unzip document into the SDD software document and replace all the files of the same name.
?Then you will be able to use the software without logging in.?

3. JLR J2534 Mongoose 134 readme
Land Rover SDD+Mongoose setup instruction and note:
Step 1: put into CD SDD 134
              Install SDD_DVD134_FULL.exe in the CD
              then install SDD_DVD134.01.exe
              Finally install SDD_DVD134.04.exe
Step 2: After complete setup the first step, put into CD SPA_DVD134
              Install SPA_DVD134_V0.exe
              Finally install VDF_J_DVD134_V5.exe
Step 3: after complete setup the second step, put into CD VDF_L_DVD134
             setup VDF_L_DVD134_V5.exe
Step 4: setup jlr134-license.exe, the password to extract the folder is: jlr134-license-software
              finally setup driver J2534_Mongoose_JLR_x86  
Remark: the computer operating system must be Windows XP
4. JLR Mangoose ID and Password:
User ID: JLRQ5013
Password: L405X152
User ID:  JLR9A8172
Password: L538X760  
User ID:  JLR6A9129 
Password: L316X351  
Please must disconnect internet when you input this user name and password.
The software should install in Disk C://
4.JLR Mangoose SDD Problem “cannot read VIN” SOLVED

Problem description:
When install JLR Mangoose SDD diagnostic software for Jaguar and Land rover on windows XP laptop, the program runs well, but unable to read Jaguar or Land rover vehicle VIN. SDD “Manual VIN read” failed either.


The Mangoose cable can be detected by computer because the green indicator light flashes. But when loaded SDD both green and red indicator flashed. Try to install on different clean (none-anti-virus software) XP laptop, all fail to read VIN.
Solution (offered by one of the JLR SDD users):
  1. Uninstall the previous JLR SDD drivers on the computer.
  2. Download the new drivers from the Drewtech website (only fits for 32bit system) and update the firmware on the Mangoose.
  3. Install the new downloaded driver and connect the Mangoose cable with vehicle.
  4. SDD will be able to recognize vehicle VIN
  5. If the method fails, perhaps your vehicle model is not supported by JLR SDD diagnostic software.
If you want to know more about this Jaguar and Land rover diagnostic cable & software, you can visit here:
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