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(Solved)Chrysler Jeep Wrangler Vin was updated to PCM using Witech error

Have 2007 Chrysler Jeep Wrangler. Question is : if installing a used PCM from other car
can spread the vin number from donor car  to ABS,SRS and other modules  with out any intervention? PCM was replaced vin was updated  and pin code transferred from skim to pcm using WiTech 17.03.10 MicroPod 2. But for some reason ABS,SRS light on   and owner is telling me that he see now different vin in ABS module.



Try to “Restore Vehicle Configuration” in the TIPM module (BCM). Make sure VIN write to PCM was successful. If that doesn’t work, what codes are you getting?



It looks like TIPM got VIN from donor car with out any intervention
all other modules are still ok they  keep original vin
PCM has original and current proper car VIN.
Actual car VIN is 1J4GA59117L128187.
why does it happen why did the TIPM changed VIN by itself ?
Is there any way to change the VIN in TIPM back to original ?




if you change pcm on Chrysler car all current vin in modules was change but original vin not change so in abs vin not change you need to do abs initialization the best is change vin in pcm back to original vin of the car you can do pcm replace in wireless control module if you have pin code or restore vehicle configuration in tipm.



that was done in wireless control module PCM replaced with WiTech 17.03.10
vin change pin transfer .
for some reason TIPM got VIN number from donor PCM before VIN was change I guess .
At this moment only TIPM has different VIN



I swapped a used TIPM into an 11 Patriot from a 12 Nitro last week and had to perform the “Restore Vehicle Configuration” function for it to accept the Patriot VIN. I think it’s under Misc Functions.

I *believe* the PCM feeds the TIPM the VIN, and then the TIPM feeds the VIN to all other modules that store it (ABS, SRS, etc.).

Finally, it starts and run OK


Source of wiTech MicroPod 2 V17.04.27